Areas of Expertise

EITC understands the need for skill transfer to client personnel. Our offers cover the following major areas:

  • System analysis
  • Business process reengineering
  • Process development localization
  • Customized and target oriented Workflow design
  • Specialization in technologies
  • Automation of Healths, Telco-Operators, Electronic Medias & Business Institutions with the latest development.
  • Equipment Installation
  • Logistics Management Support
  • Production operations
  • Power Solution.
  • Infrastructure Management Solution. 
  • Data Centre Operations and Service Delivery.
  • Systems Integration. 
  • Project Management.
  • Project of Construction
  • Standby support
  • M&E Engineering
  • Any Type of Business Solution

Products of Offerings

Financial Solutions

  • Financial Solution Suit. End-to-End  Solution
  • Bond & Deposit Management Solution
  • Management Solution

Civil Work & Telecom Solutions

  • Build & Steel Structure Work
  • Concrete Foundation Type
  • Steel Fountion Type
  • Technical Surveys to construction sites
  • Negotiation with landlords for the Installation of Stations;
  • Development of Engineering Studies;
  • Supply and Installation of Telecommunication Towers and Cabins;
  • Re-engineering of existing infrastructures

Enterprise Market

  • Health Care & product
  • Project Cost Investment